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Both the medical staff and the patient are free from the pain of the needle!

No needle No pain

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Comfort-in appearance in drama  OCN "Dual"

May 03, 2017

From June 3, 2017, you will be able to see our syringes in "Duel" (Starring: Kim Jung Eun, Jae Jae Young, Yong Sang Shin) drama broadcasted on channel OCN every Saturday and Sunday.

As a future water drama dealing with the cloning human story, our syringe often appears as a 'sophisticated future syringe.'

​Comfort-in domestic distributor recruitment !!

We are offering special benefits to customers who complete their dealership registration by December 2017.

choose Comfort-in ?

Are you still giving injection pain to patients?​

Nurses are you still neglect needlestick injuries?

For better life

Provide patient-free care with the needle-free painless syringe "Comfort-in".​

Our product is needle-free injection which can avoid the most common medical accident infections in hospitals caused by ' needle stick injury' and reduces medical waste.

Quicker medicine penetration reduces the time required for treatment and ensures stable infusion of medicine.

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