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"Comfort - in" is a medical device that can be used with most subcutaneous and intramuscular injections and is currently being exported to over 40 countries.
With an insulin injectable syringe, it is possible to inject even 0.5 cc to 0.1 cc with almost no loss. Just by making the needle come into contact with the skin through fine

nozzle holes of 0.13 to 0.15 mm, Most patients do not feel pain because it inject the medicine in a 'micro-orifice' method using a momentary jet injection technique.

Comfort-in improves patient attractiveness and customer satisfaction by providing better care to patients with painless injections.

Reborn Agency Inc.

Representative Sun Kyung Park

  "Comfort - in" 

Reborn Agency Inc.

We have secured 'Exclusive Distributor Distribution And' exclusive agency opening rights'.

No needle No pain

When injected with a needle injection, the medicine penetrates into the body as a circle,

Injecting medicine by using Comfort-in "Soft, Midium, Normal" Depending on the device type, the medicine penetrates to a certain depth and spreads in T shape. Therefore, regardless of the practitioner, you can expect fast medicine effect and even drug penetration.

Product Producer Introduction 


Since 1990, we have specialized manufacturing and facilities in Busan as a medical device manufacturer producing and selling various orthopedic medical supplies, medical instruments and surgical instruments. Currently, we are manufacturing and supplying various products to more than 40 countries in the world wide, including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

"Comfort-in" VS Needle Syringe Medicine Penetration Video

Can the patient use it directly?

It is a product that anyone can easily use at home if you acquire a simple method of use through video manual or accompanying product.

In particular, insulin can be administered to diabetic patients without the need for secondary complications and pain from needles.

-  There is no pain medicine injection.

- There is no pain medicine injection.

-  It is easy to use.

- It is safer than needle injection.

- Medicine absorption rate is faster than needle injection.

Comfort-in  Point

​ Device Certificate

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iso 2

     Original  /  Korean

-  Italian Papers - Anesthetic Effects

- Comparison of Insulin Pen Type and

Comfort-in Performance

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 In which field are you preferred?




Urology and circumcision 

Obstetrics and gynecology surgery, vaginal incision at delivery


Face Beauty Injection / Bikini Injection / Placental Injection  Etc


Ovulation inducer


Pediatric vaccination

Diabetic patient insulin


Besides In many areas, it is preferred not only for adults but also for pediatric treatment.

CoMfort-in Related "Paper Collection"

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