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Comfort-in   How to use

1. Press 'syringe body' using portable 'pressure lever' or 'pressure box'.

2. Select the adapter according to the type of spout of the container containing the medicine and connect it to the vial.

3. Open the nozzle and gently press the end of the nozzle button to release the vacuum to prevent contamination of the nozzle.

4. Connect the nozzle to the adapter connected to the vial and transfer the desired amount of injected solution to the nozzle (max. 0.5cc).

5. After removing the nozzle from the adapter, remove the air by tapping the nozzle lightly so that there is no air left in the injected liquid of the nozzle, just like a normal syringe.

6. Check the volume of injected solution transferred to the nozzle, turn the 'pressure control lever' of the 'syringe body' slightly clockwise. Please loosen the "Pressure control scale" indicated on the body slightly more than the amount of medicine in the nozzle. (Drug 0.2cc <body scale 0.25cc)

7. Insert the nozzle into the top of the syringe body and turn it clockwise to secure it to the body.

8. Match the amount of medicine in the nozzle with the pressure control scale indicated on the body. (Drug 0.2cc = Body scale 0.2cc)

9. When injecting into a soft area such as a gum or face, a silicon cap can be used at the tip of the nozzle as needed to protect the skin.

10. First, clean the injection site with 'alcohol swab', then release the safety device of the 'syringe body' button

11. Press the nozzle at a 90-degree angle to the injection site and press the button.

12.Do not remove the nozzle from the surface of the skin for about 3 to 5 seconds for the full injection of the medicine after the medicine is fired.


Introduction and Usage

Jet injection needle-free injector using special spring mechanism.

The diameter of the 23 gauge needle injection commonly used in hospitals is 0.635 mm,
but our 'No needle injector' penetrates the medicine quickly with only 0.15mm of fine nozzle hole.

It can be used by anyone with simple learning method and can be injected without any pain from 0.1cc to 0.5cc at a time.

Brochure - English 
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