juyoguseong : han sangja-e 50gaega deul-eo issseubnida.

ismomcheoleom mikkeuleoun buwi injeg sina eolgulcheoleom yeminhan buwie injeg si, 
nojeul-i mikkeuleojineun geos-eul bangjihago injegbuwileul bohohagi wihayeo sayonghaneun boho kaeb ibnida.
nojeul-ui kkeut(nojeul hol-i issneun balsa buwi jjog)e kkiwoseo sayonghabnida.

sillikon jaejilloseo sodoghayeo suhoe sayong ganeung habnida.
sayong buwie ttala ilja moyang-gwa saseon moyang jung jeoghabhan geos-eul seontaeghayeo gumae haseyo.

Main configuration: 50 boxes in one box.

Slippery areas such as gums When injecting into sensitive areas such as injection or face,
Protective cap used to prevent the nozzle from slipping and to protect the injection area.
Use it by inserting it at the end of the nozzle (toward the firing area with the nozzle hole).

It is sterilized as silicone material and can be used several times.
Depending on the area of use, choose and purchase the appropriate one from the shape of the date and diagonal line .

[Box] Silicone cap - Choose from two types

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